Lab news

 Dr. Camacho was nominated for the Distinguished Teaching Prize at John Jay College. 

 Dr. Camacho will be presenting his research on how displaying national symbols on clothing increases the perceived ethnic and civic nationalism of Latino Americans at the 2023 conference for the Society of Experimental Social Psychology (SESP) in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Dr. Camacho published a manuscript in the Journal of Social Psychology, entitled “Neighborhood ethnic composition and social identity threat: The mediating role of perceived discrimination.”

Haniya was selected to attend the Summer Institute in Computational Social Sciences (SICSS) at NYU-Silver (2023)

Haniya is co-author on a manuscript accepted for publication at Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, entitled "Of Christians, Jews, and Muslims: When gender is unspecified, the default is men."

Bryant is co-author on a chapter recently published in The International Handbook of Gender Beliefs, Stereotype Threat, and Teacher Expectations (2023)