Stigma & Identity Lab

Welcome to the Stigma & Identity Lab!

We are a team of researchers conducting survey and experimental studies aimed at understanding, documenting, and ameliorating the experiences of members of stigmatized groups. We study stigma by examining the perceptions of groups who possess group-based identities that are negatively stereotyped and historically marginalized as well as by examining perceptions of and attitudes toward these groups. 

We are currently investigating:

Identity threat and safety as perceived by stigmatized groups

Do Latinx immigrants anticipate better treatment in health centers that provide Spanish-speaking services?

Effectiveness of prejudice reduction strategies used by People of Color

Does signaling a college affiliation mitigate the perceived risk that a Black man will be seen as a criminal and racially profiled by police? 

The impact of stigma on conspiracy endorsement  

How does being reminded of one's group stigma affect endorsement of stigma-relevant and non-relevant conspiracy theories?

Academic guilt among second generation college students

Do second-generation immigrant students experience guilt in attending college far from their families?